Monday, December 16, 2019

Are you looking for an industrial workhorse that fits within your budget and offers great productivity? 

Let us tell you about Mitsubishi FUSO.

At Pacific Commercial Truck Solutions, we stand behind these powerful and durable commercial vehicles, because we know they’ll get the job done. Our customers confirm it!

High-powered performance isn’t the only reason we back Mitsubishi FUSO. Here are 4 reasons you’ll want to get your drivers into one of these trucks right away. 

Fuel Economy

Fuel is an inevitable and unavoidable cost. However, you can lower your fuel costs if you purchase a fuel-efficient commercial vehicle.

FUSO offers two options: diesel and gas.

With either diesel or gas, FUSO beats Isuzu in terms of fuel economy. With diesel, FUSO is 7% better than Isuzu. With gasoline, FUSO is 10% better than Isuzu.

When you’re looking at a daily expense that considerably affects your total cost of ownership, it’s best to go with a commercial vehicle that will help lower fuel costs.

FUSO Gas Baseline (0%)
Isuzu Gas 7% more
FUSO Diesel Baseline (0%)
Isuzu Diesel 10% more

Maintenance Costs

Regular commercial truck maintenance ensures that it’s always running in the best shape. When repairs are up to date, you can avoid major problems down the line.

Mitsubishi FUSO offers great reliability, resulting in far lower maintenance costs than its competitors. In fact, in a recent study by NationalLease, FUSO maintenance costs were 11% less than Isuzu.

FUSO Baseline (0%)
Isuzu 11% more


Worker safety is paramount. In addition to the emotional and physical costs of worker injuries, you’d also be looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation claims and legal battles. 

With Mitsubishi FUSO, you’ll have peace of mind. All of their trucks come with front and rear disc brakes that offer an additional safety margin. Comparatively, Isuzu offers front disc brakes, but only drum rear brakes.

Plus, FUSO is the only manufacturer that provides a collision avoidance system. “Mobile Eye” ensures your drivers are always safe on the road.

FUSO Front and rear dual disc brakes
Isuzu Front single disc brakes and rear drum brakes


A comprehensive warranty provides additional peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about repair costs, and you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is being repaired by those you trust. Plus, you can also reduce downtime and increase your productivity with a vehicle that has a comprehensive warranty.

Mitsubishi FUSO has a 5-year 250,000 mile warranty

Comparatively, Isuzu has a 3-year 75,000 mile warranty.

FUSO Gas 5-year, 150,000 miles
Isuzu Gas 5-year, 75,000 miles
FUSO Diesel 5-year, 175,000 miles
Isuzu Diesel 3-year, Unlimited miles

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