About Pacific Southwest Container

A package design and manufacturer, Pacific Southwest Container is a high-speed 24/7 operation that produces paper-based packaging solutions.

For them, downtime results in a chain of disruptive events. When their forklifts are down, their entire operation goes off track — and their productivity suffers.

In order to keep up with their demanding production schedules and shipments, they need their equipment to always be up and running.

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The Problem

  • Pacific Southwest Container was using battery-powered forklifts to save on fuel costs, but the technology was not meeting their operational requirements
  • The battery technology couldn’t store enough energy to operate effectively on the company’s schedule
  • As a result, they were experiencing a lot of downtime and dealing with additional maintenance expenses on their equipment


  • Batteries were not designed for their high-demand environment
  • Even fast-charge batteries couldn’t hold up to their 24/7 operations

The Solution

  • Using our Pacific Fleet Management program, we analyzed their battery usage and maintenance costs
  • Their Unit Cost reports showed that they were requiring too many replacement batteries and spending too much on cell work
  • The amount of maintenance on battery-powered forklifts far exceeded their estimations
  • We recommended Pacific Southwest Container switch to LPG (liquid propane gas) forklifts to ensure they had the uptime they needed

The Result

  • By switching their forklift technology, the company reduced their operation costs by $210,000 and increased productivity 22%
  • They saved operations expenses by having less maintenance and repair costs. Plus, they no longer needed to rent replacement trucks
  • As an added bonus, they were able to reclaim almost 5,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space as they no longer needed battery charging stations

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