About Pacific Southwest Container

Pacific Southwest Container is a package designer and manufacturer with a 24/7 operation. They produce paper-based packaging solutions for other businesses.

Like most organizations, it’s important to keep their expenses in check. When profitability decreases due to increasing costs, the entire business feels the effects.

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The Problem

  • Pacific Southwest Container noticed that property and product damages were occurring regularly throughout their warehouse, especially related to their forklifts
  • The damages were costing the company $50,000 a year
  • They also had to deal with LPG fuel costs, which were $965,000 a year


  • The Forklift Daily Inspection Reports were incomplete, and almost impossible to retrieve 
  • The company couldn’t track who was driving their fleet so they didn’t know how to solve the issue

The Solution

  • PMHSI installed the Gem-One telemetry system, which ensured that only authorized forklift operators had access to the vehicles
  • The system records forklift impacts and provides the Pacific Southwest Container management team with alerts and reports that measure ideal time and drive time
  • The system also requires the forklift operators to complete a forklift safety inspection prior to starting the equipment
  • Pacific Southwest Container can access the inspection reports directly from the Gem-One device, so it’s always on hand

The Results

  • After installing Gem-One, Pacific Southwest Container was able to reduce damages and impacts significantly, resulting in a $45,000 annual savings 
  • Forklift idle time was cut by 90%, resulting in annual LPG savings of $105,000 
  • The company was also able to reduce their risk during OSHA audits with the electronic checklist inspection that Gem-One requires forklift operators to complete
  • Pacific Southwest Container was able to reduce their administrative tasks by the machine operators and warehouse operators as a result
  • PMHSI helped Pacific Southwest Container to reduce their operating costs by $150,000 a year
  • The company increased their material handling productivity, improved awareness of the forklift fleet, and reduced risk to provide peace of mind

It Can Work For You Too!

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