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From gas mileage to maintenance to scheduling, the sheer logistics of managing a large commercial fleet can quickly become overwhelming. The task can be especially daunting if your vehicles cover a wide service area with multiple delivery routes.

This is why many companies treat fleet management as a necessary but unavoidable expense. It’s simply the cost of doing business.

But at Pacific Commercial Truck Solutions, we choose to treat fleet management as an investment that, when properly managed, can deliver measurable returns for years.

Our Approach to Fleet Management

At Pacific Commercial Truck Solutions, we specialize in customized fleet solutions that provide you with the tools you need to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

Our online event-based management technology is robust enough to optimize these benefits across your entire fleet. But it’s also modular enough to provide granular control for each individual vehicle that you manage. Moreover, our technology is 100% scalable, meaning it can evolve with your changing needs.

With more than 10 years of fleet management experience, our expert consultants continue to carefully analyze and incorporate all of the industry’s latest best practices. And we’ll work closely with your team to help you extract the greatest possible value from every delivery, every driver, and every vehicle that you manage.

In addition, we document these improvements to ensure you see both measurable savings and verifiable productivity gains as you continue to expand your business.

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