Clark C15-20sC

(C15C, C18C, C20sC)

  • Clark Cushion Tire Forklift - 1

Clark C15-20sC - (C15C, C18C, C20sC)

Clark's C15-20sC models are highly maneuverable, easily serviceable, broadly flexible, and extremely dependable. With smooth control and easy operation, operators are confident and comfortable throughout their shift.

Model Specifications (for a full spec sheet, visit the downloads tab above)

Model Capacity (lbs) Max Travel Speed (mph) Turning Radius Engine Power Overhead Guard Height Fuel Type
C15C 3,000 1.5 70.5 (outside) Hyundai 52hp 81.1" LPG
C18C 3,500 10.5 72.5 (outside) Hyundai 52hp 81.1" LPG
C20sC 4,000 10.5 73.5 (outside) Hyundai 52hp 81.1" LPG

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