Clark Turret

(ECX30 / C30C)

  • Clark Narrow Aisle Forklift - 1

Clark Turret - (ECX30 / C30C)

The Clark Turret truck is highly maneuverable and broadly flexible providing you with a cost-effective, dedicated narrow aisle turret style forklift.

Its I-Beam style nested rails are perfect for side-loading and result in higher capacities and less deflection.


  • 180 degree pivoting carriage action
  • Heavy-duty, high torque drive motor
  • Stall protection
  • Three forms of regenerative braking
  • Grab handles and low step height
  • Fully adjustable safety seat and steering column
  • Lower operator fatigue

Model Specifications (for a full spec sheet, visit the downloads tab above)

Model Capacity (lbs)
ECX30 / C30C 1,500 - 3,000

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