Yale Electric Straddle Stacker


  • Yale Walk-Ride (MSW-E) - 1

Yale Electric Straddle Stacker - MSW-E (MSW040E)

Yale's MSW040E electric straddle stacker lift truck is built for reliability on the loading dock.

  • Requires less service time
  • Auto deceleration system
  • Best for back docks with two or three levels of stacking
  • Three performance modes
  • Bottom mounted tiller handle design

Model Specifications (for a full spec sheet, visit the downloads tab above)

Model Capacity (lbs) Max Travel Speed (mph) Max Lift Speed (ft/min) Lower Lift Speed (ft/min) Battery
MSW040E 4,000 306 27.5 52.5 24

Yale Electric Straddle Stacker Downloads

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