Electric Rider (ITA Class I)

Ideal for demanding applications, our collection of Yale-manufactured 3- and 4-wheeled electric rider forklifts can handle even the heaviest payloads. From our wide selection, choose from any number of these industrial-strength forklifts – available in both indoor and outdoor models. Click on the link below to learn more.


Narrow Aisle (ITA Class II)

When access and flexibility are critical to success, look no further than Yale’s line of narrow aisle forklifts and reach trucks. These versatile machines are specifically designed to access hard-to-reach spaces within your facility. This benefit only becomes more pronounced as your warehouse’s storage requirements become more complex over time.


Walkie (ITA Class III)

Yale’s line of walkie pallet trucks are the perfect solution when versatility is what you need. Designed for low-level transportation applications, these walkies help reduce the fatigue normally associated with long hours on the floor. Thanks to their maneuverability and ergonomic design, Yale walkies can help your facility boost throughput while simultaneously eliminating unnecessary strain on your teams.


Indoor LPG Forklifts (ITA Class IV)

Yale’s line of indoor LPG lifts are designed for hard-to-reach inventory – especially in restricted and inaccessible areas of your warehouse. There ergonomic seating is designed to reduce driver fatigue. And their cushioned tires help to eliminate unnecessary wear and tear on your facility floor. To learn more, click on the link below.


Outdoor LPG/Diesel Forklifts (ITA Class V)

Looking for an industrial-strength forklift that’s sturdy enough to withstand the elements? Yale’s premium line of outdoor LPG and diesel-powered forklifts can get the job done. With pneumatic tires and twin engine balance, these high performance forklifts have the strength to handle rugged terrain. But they also have the requisite maneuverability to navigate even the narrowest of spaces.


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