The Mitsubishi FUSO FE160 features an innovative two-stage turbocharged, low-emissions diesel engine and dual-clutch automatic transmission, so you can benefit from increased fuel savings and higher payload capacity. Built with comfort in mind, the FE160 works great for the construction, landscaping, and transport industries.

Model Specifications

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Weight Rating (GVWR/GCWR)
15,995 lb./23,710 lb.
Weight Rating (front/rear)
6,390 lb./12,700 lb.
Curb Weight
Base Model: 5,505 lb. (est.)
Body / Payload
Estimated Max: 10,490 lb.
Wheelbase Dimensions
110.2" (C) / 133.9" (E) / 151.6" (G) / 169.3" (H) / 187.0" (K)
Overall Length
Usable Cab to Rear Axle
Min and Max Body Sizes
10' to 20' (22' with FUSO review/approval)
Engine Model
FUSO 4P10-T5 Diesel
Engine Type
DOHC, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke cycle, water-cooled, turbocharged, intercooled diesel with 4 valves per cylinder, with high-efficiency electrically-engaged cooling fan
Engine Displacement
183 cu. in. (3.0 L) Electronically controlled DPF/SCR system with OBD
Engine Max Output
(SAE, gross) 161 hp @ 3,400 rpm
Engine Max Torque
(SAE, gross) 295 lb.-ft. @ 1,300 rpm
Air Cleaner
Dry paper element with snorkel
M038S6 DUONIC® 6-speed dual-clutch automatic

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