The Mitsubishi FUSO FE180 features an innovative two-stage turbocharged, low-emissions diesel engine and dual-clutch automatic transmission, so you can benefit from increased fuel savings and higher payload capacity. The FE180 works great for heavy-duty hauling and intra-city transport.

Model Specifications

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Weight Rating (GVWR/GCWR)
17,995 lb./25,710 lb.
Weight Rating (front/rear)
6,390 lb./12,700 lb.
Curb Weight
Base Model: 5,505 lb. (est.)
Body / Payload
Estimated Max: 12,490 lb.
Wheelbase Dimensions
110.2" (C) / 133.9" (E) / 151.6" (G) / 169.3" (H) / 187.0" (K)
Overall Length
204.9" / 228.5" / 246.3" / 264.0" / 281.7"
Usable Cab to Rear Axle
81.2" / 104.9" / 122.6" / 140.3" / 158.0"
Min and Max Body Sizes
10' to 20' (22' with FUSO review/approval)
Engine Model
FUSO 4P10-T5 Diesel
Engine Type
DOHC, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke cycle, water-cooled, turbocharged, intercooled diesel with 4 valves per cylinder, with high-efficiency electrically-engaged cooling fan
Engine Displacement
183 cu. in. (3.0 L) Electronically controlled DPF/SCR system with OBD
Engine Max Output
(SAE, gross) 161 hp @ 3,400 rpm
Engine Max Torque
(SAE, gross) 295 lb.-ft. @ 1,300 rpm
Air Cleaner
Dry paper element with snorkel
M038S6 DUONIC® 6-speed dual-clutch automatic

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