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5 Key Metrics to Optimize Your Operations and Reduce Equipment Turnover
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5 specific metrics that you should be tracking for your fleet

How to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on fleet maintenance and repair costs

How to diagnose underlying issues in your fleet and fix them before they snowball

The path to avoiding equipment downtime to ensure you keep up your productivity

How to have peace of mind knowing your fleet is running as it should be 24/7, so you can focus on what you do best

Get access to a free KPI workbook to run your actual numbers AND a cheat sheet on how to implement the 5 metrics to save your warehouse time & money!
With over a decade of experience helping businesses more effectively manage their commercial fleets, Chris is an expert in finding solutions to operational problems. Having worked with a diverse range of industries, from manufacturing to distribution, he’s skilled at following the data to uncover underlying issues — and identifying roads to more efficient business practices.
Chris Valenzuela
“Pacific Fleet Management saved my company $450,000 by providing utilization information on my fleet.”
— Peri Navab, PITCO
“We’ve reduced our material handling and commercial truck cost by $49K annually after implementing Pacific Fleet Management.”
— Keith Banners, Banners Electrical
“Having unit cost utilization information has paved the way to isolating high cost equipment and reducing abuse cost throughout our fleet”
— John Mayol, Pacific Southwest Container