Don't make a payment for 90 days

Lower your upfront costs while getting the best fleet vehicle for your business.

At PMHSI, we’re committed to helping our clients run their warehouses efficiently. And in order to do that, we know you need the best equipment to keep everything moving on schedule.

That’s why we’re offering a new 90-day no payments promotion that you can take advantage of till December 31, 2019!

Lower your upfront costs:

Don’t pay a cent for 90 days after purchase, applicable till December 31, 2019.

Take advantage of new-vehicle warranties:

This promo applies to new vehicles only, so you get a warranty to lower your maintenance and repair costs.

Get the top forklift and truck brands:

We have tons of Hyundai forklifts and Mitsubishi FUSO trucks in stock, along with many other top brands.

Drive your vehicle ASAP:

No need to wait for stock to come in — we have a large selection you can get your hands on today.

Ready to safeguard your cash flow while getting the best forklift and truck brands for your business?

Check out our selection of new forklifts and trucks and take advantage of our 90-day no payments promotion today.
Offer valid till December 31, 2019.

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