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5 Key Warehouse Performance Metrics

Join our next webinar to learn how tracking 5 key warehouse performance metrics can change the way you do business by saving you money, reducing equipment turnover, and increasing productivity for your fleet.

Fleet Management Success Stories

Pacific Southwest Container

Pacific Southwest Container is a package designer and manufacturer with a 24/7 operation. They produce paper-based packaging solutions for other businesses. Learn how we reduced $150K annually in operating costs.

Allied Building Products

Allied Building Products is a roofing and building materials wholesale distributor with multiple locations throughout the United States. Learn how we saved $4,500 - $7,500 in ownership costs.

EZ 2 Build Express

EZ 2 Build Express is a logistics company with operations in California, Oregon and Washington. Learn how we reduced operating costs by $58,000 per year.


Managing commercial vehicles and material handling equipment gets harder with each new addition to your fleet. Pacific Fleet Management helps you keep track of it all — from repairs to maintenance and everything in between.

Backed by over 10 years of in-the-field experience, our Pacific Fleet Management program is the most comprehensive fleet service package in the industry.

You’ll get increased productivity, reduced downtimes, and faster service for all of your equipment.

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You May Not Need to Replace Your Fleet Vehicle — Read This First

If you’re actively searching for a new material handling vehicle to replace an older one in your fleet, make sure you have all the info before you make your purchase. If you replace a vehicle too early, you risk lowering your ROI.

When to Replace the Trucks in Your Fleet

How does your organization decide when to replace the trucks in your fleet? Figuring out how to get the biggest return on your investment is an important task. After all, you don’t want to replace your vehicle too early if a simple repair can give it a few more years of life.

The 5 Fleet Management Metrics You Just Can’t Ignore

Do some of your vehicles need to be retired? Are you overusing some pieces of equipment and not using others enough? Which vehicles are costing you an arm and a leg in repair costs each year?

Get more accurate repairs and less downtime with a fleet management system that tracks your history

Imagine a perfect world: your warehouse operations would run smoothly every day, no vehicles would need any repairs, and all deliveries would be made on time — every time.

How fleet management service tracking can save you time and keep operations on schedule

When you’re looking after warehouse operations, your day is a busy one. Schedules are tight and carefully orchestrated, and there is little room for leeway.


Andrew Weyland, Golden State Plumbing, Sacramento CA

Other trucks that I’ve owned did not have the quality or durability of my Fuso. Outside of basic vehicle maintenance, my truck hasn’t given me any issues.

Andrew Weyland
Sacramento CA
Golden State Plumbing

We have recommended PMHSI to our neighboring branches and will continue to use their services in the future.

Chris Feleciano
Sacramento CA
Ewing Irrigation Products

I’m happy to recommend the services of Pacific Material Handling Solutions…They do an excellent job and are always punctual. This company goes the extra mile.

Dave Gulcynski
Modesto CA
DOT Foods, Inc.

I would highly recommend Pacific Material Handling Solutions.

George Haluska
Sacramento CA
Grafil, Inc.

I’m very pleased with my overall experience with my 2000 Mitsubishi Fuso truck. In the years that I have owned it, my truck has been very reliable and free of mechanical issues.

Hans Shaver
Rocklin CA
Class Act

My company has worked with many forklift manufacturers over the years, but the Yale forklift is truly the best of the bunch.

James C. Patterson
French Camp CA
GSA Western Division
No items found.

I wanted to share how pleased we are with the dependability of our 2004 Mitsubishi F140 Fuso truck. The Fuso has accumulated 434,000 miles and counting. Outside of basic vehicle maintenance, our truck has never spent one day in the shop for repairs.

Michael Coons
Roseville CA
Advanced Metal Finishing

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