Dock Levelers

We represent some of the industry’s leading manufacturers of dock levelers and off-loading equipment. From our wide selection, you’re guaranteed to find the right solution for your warehouse. Choose from Mechanical Pit, Edge-of-Dock, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic levelers, all of which can dramatically boost your team’s productivity.

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Dock Seals

Whether you’re worried about security or simply want to provide weather-proofing and temperature control, we carry an impressive selection of Nova-made dock seals designed to do the job. We also have experts on staff who can customize a dock seal solution specific to your warehouse.


Strip Doors

Dock traffic is great for business but bad for the utility bill. Every time you open a dock door, climate-controlled air escapes. And you end up spending even more money to heat or cool your warehouse. But with our selection of strip doors, loading teams can continue moving freight all year-round – without wasting expensive energy.


Dock Boards

With our range of steel dock boards, your warehousing teams can quickly unload and offload freight without excessive lifting. Held securely in place by stress-proof pins, these adjustable ramps can easily be raised or lowered using a standard forklift. If you want to boost productivity and reduce safety risks, check out our selection of dock boards from Bluff Manufacturing.


Additional Warehouse Dock Equipment

Need a dock-related item not mentioned above. We’ve got you covered. At Pacific Material Handling Solutions, we carry everything from safety bollards to guard rails to barrier screen doors. Check out our wide selection to find the perfect solution for your warehousing needs.


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