Material Handling Operational Maintenance

The more frequently you service your material handling equipment, the longer that equipment will last. Whether you’re a facility manager or warehouse owner, this type of regular servicing is simply good business.

But did you know that proper maintenance of forklifts and other industrial machinery is often a prerequisite for keeping the manufacturer’s warranty valid?

Fortunately, most manufacturers publish recommended servicing schedules for their products. After extensive rigorous testing, they already know the longest acceptable intervals required to ensure their material handling equipment remains in optimal working order.

Follow these recommended schedules, and you should be fine.

But if you fall behind on regular checkups and maintenance, you run the risk of letting your warranty coverage lapse.

And it only gets worse from there:

  • Future breakages and downtime will happen more frequently.
  • Necessary repairs won’t be covered and must be paid out of pocket.
  • Those repairs will often be more extensive and expensive.
  • Your material handling equipment will enjoy shorter useful lifespans.

And for heavier machinery, infrequent servicing may actually pose unnecessary health and safety risks for your teams.

The Benefits of Operational Maintenance with PMHSI

Following the manufacturer’s service schedule is always a good idea. But simply adhering to these guidelines isn’t enough. To keep the warranty coverage valid, you must also be able to document the frequency of all previous servicing.

However, staying on top of operational maintenance isn’t always easy. This is especially true if you manage a lot of material handling machinery.

This is why many companies outsource the job to mechanics their service requirements.

But at Pacific Material Handling Solutions (PMHSI), we employ journeyman technicians to perform operational maintenance – from top to bottom. This approach ensures your equipment receives the same cleaning and lubricating benefits you’d expect from a traditional mechanic. But your machinery also receives the detailed servicing, inspections, and diagnostics that only more qualified journeyman technicians can provide.

As a result, your material handling equipment benefits from:

  • Longer lifespans and warranty coverage.
  • Fewer breakages and equipment failures.
  • Less downtime and lost productivity.
  • Lower long-term and operating costs.

The following chart gives you an idea of how thorough our maintenance checklists are.

Level 1 Checklist Sample

Service Level 1
Service Level 1
Lubricate chassis & mast
Blow off radiator
Engine air filter inspection
Radiator-coolant-hoses inspection
All breathers inspection
All belts inspection
Change engine oil and filter
Instruments inspection
Check all oil levels
Hoses (LPG) inspection
Clean and coat battery terminals and cable ends
Engine accessories inspection
Cylinders for leaks and damage inspection
Chains and anchors inspection
Pumps for noise and operation inspection
Tension rod locknuts inspection
Valves for leaks and operation inspection
Forks-Pallet-Platform (visual) inspection
All hoses–tubing–fitting inspection
Mast Assembly for Operation inspection
Tilt cylinder rod end adjustment inspection
Brake operation check
Contact tips Inspect
Parking and/or DM brake check
Switches Inspect
Attachment operation check
All motors (hoist, drive, steer) check
Steering check
Blow Out (if exposed)
Horn Check
Battery connectors inspection
Lights check
Tires Inspect
Road test truck check

Operational Maintenance and Documentation for Every Make and Model

We specialize in operational maintenance for a broad range of material handling equipment and components manufactured by industry titans like Cat, Hyster, Toyota, Crown, and Raymond. However, we understand the individual servicing schedules and requirements for nearly every major brand, make, and model. And if you prefer, we can come even more frequently than recommended, whether you need us every week, every month, or every 113 days.

It’s entirely up to you.

Most important of all, we can provide you with the requisite documentation to ensure your warranty coverage remains intact for as long as possible. Our technicians can even provide both hardcopies and digitally scanned backups so that you always have the documentation you need – when you need it.

To learn more about our comprehensive operational maintenance services, contact us today for a free consultation.

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