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Managing commercial vehicles can be expensive and time-consuming.

And as your fleet grows, so will the hours and resources you will spend maintaining it!

At Pacific Solutions we are committed to our customers 24/27/365. So instead of standing by idly as you struggle to stay on top of your fleet—and the costs associated with it—we’ve done something about it.

Backed by over 10 years of fleet management experience, our Pacific Fleet Management program is rich with features and benefits.

Experience our approach and you will agree: “it is far and away the most comprehensive package in the industry.”

How Pacific Fleet Management works

Our proprietary electronic service platform network (ESPN) connects our service group, technicians, parts group, factory engineering group and our customers… All with one goal: to resolve service issues faster.

You’ll benefit from improved communication, increased productivity, and a faster “return to service” for your equipment.

  • Stay informed. You’ll receive alerts to keep you informed when your technician is on their way, repair status changes, scheduled date of service and recommended repairs. This will reduce your time tracking repairs.
  • Manage service. ESPN gives our service planners real-time awareness of our technicians’ time on your equipment, and help provide whatever assets are necessary to return your equipment to service as fast as possible. Technicians also have electronic access to your equipment’s service and warranty history. Throughout, our planners will communicate directly with you to reduce the time you spend managing service repairs.
  • Streamline the process. Click here to request service, receive technician arrival time alerts, and have work orders with signatures sent electronically to as many people as you wish. If purchase orders are required we’ll work directly with your team providing the complete package; signed work order, signed quote and invoice. We’re here to cut down your administrative tasks!

Plus, with Pacific Fleet Management, you’ll take advantage of industry-leading fleet management reporting. Every quarter we’ll review the past three months with you in person, focusing on your fleet maintenance and abuse cost, utilization, parts consumption, response time, and unit downtime.

But it gets better—we’ll also provide recommendations on how to make improvement going forward. We’ll help you optimize your fleet, create procedures and processes, shine a light on equipment use and abuse.

By increasing the quality and velocity of the information you have about your fleet, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions—which will lead to significant reductions in the costs of your operations.

With Pacific Fleet Management, you won’t only know what happened in the past, you’ll be able to plan for the future!

To learn more about how to put Pacific Fleet Management to work for you, call 510-878-3065 or click the button below to request a meeting with us.

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