The proof is in the numbers. Here's how we've helped our customers increase productivity and decrease downtime.

The proof is in the numbers.Over the last decade, we’ve had the opportunity to work with clients from a range of industries. While their businesses may be different, our clients are looking for the same thing: higher productivity and lower downtime.

With the help of our highly experienced team at PMHSI, we enable our clients to reach their targets head on.

Whether they’ve outgrown their current equipment and need a new solution or they’re dealing with inaccurate repairs and service, we’re able to provide them with actionable solutions based on hard data — and our years of experience.

We’re proud to share in the successes of our clients. Read the case studies below to learn more about what kinds of results PMHSI can help your business achieve.

Pacific Southwest Container

Pacific Southwest Container is a package designer and manufacturer with a 24/7 operation. They produce paper-based packaging solutions for other businesses. Learn how we reduced $150K annually in operating costs.

EZ 2 Build Express

EZ 2 Build Express is a logistics company with operations in California, Oregon and Washington. Learn how we reduced operating costs by $58,000 per year.

Allied Building Products

Allied Building Products is a roofing and building materials wholesale distributor with multiple locations throughout the United States. Learn how we saved $4,500 - $7,500 in ownership costs.

Save Mart

Save Mart is the largest privately owned grocery store chain in Northern California and Northern Nevada operating 208 stores and 2 distribution centers and needed a centralized way to manage their large fleet over a vast number of stores.

Pacific Southwest Container

A package design and manufacturer, Pacific Southwest Container is a high-speed 24/7 operation that produces paper-based packaging solutions. Discover how we reduced operations costs by $210,000 and increased productivity by 22%.

San Francisco Specialty

San Francisco Speciality is a wholesale distributor of fresh produce, meat, and high-end ingredients, with operations in East Bay and Los Angeles. Learn how we lowered annual maintenance costs by $24,000 for this wholesale distributor.


Find out how we helped PITCO save over $450,000 in equipment costs over 5 years.