About Cal-Sierra Pipe

For nearly 60 years, Cal-Sierra Pipe has been the “supplier of choice” for steel pipes and other industrial components throughout the construction, manufacturing and farming sectors. From its headquarters in the Bay Area, Cal-Sierra Pipe services the entire Western United States, with plans to expand nationwide.

The Problem

Because Cal-Sierra Pipe’s diverse clients rely heavily on just-in-time (JiT) delivery for steel components, the ability to meet tight deadlines is of the utmost importance. However, the firm’s warehousing fleet suffered from numerous problems, including:

  • Poor fuel economy for its forklifts
  • Scheduling and tracking gaps
  • Frequent repairs and downtime
  • Insufficient analytics and reporting

Cal-Sierra Pipe’s productivity began to suffer as a result of these inefficiencies.


In addition to the financial toll, these problems also negatively impacted employee morale – resulting in frequent absences, accidents and complaints. Cal-Sierra Pipe’s previous supplier was unable (and unwilling) to help, prompting the company to search for a value-added partner who could.

The Solution

Hyundai 130D | PMHSI

Cal-Sierra Pipe contacted Pacific Solutions to help with its fleet efficiency challenges. After carefully analyzing the firm’s background and operations, Pacific Solution replaced Cal-Sierra Pipe’s outdated forklifts with Hyundai 130Ds. In addition to superior fuel economy and onboard diagnostics, these newer forklift models come with in-built climate control and spacious interiors – designed with the operator’s safety and comfort in mind.

Pacific Solutions also installed proprietary fleet management software, complete with:

  • Real-time tracking of all vehicles and inventory
  • Historic tracking and reporting for detailed analysis
  • Consultative support, recommendations and training

The Result

After implementing Pacific Solutions’ suggestions, Cal-Sierra Pipe immediately experienced a 10% fleet-wide boost in fuel economy. 

The company also benefited from better decision-making capabilities, made possible with more accurate analytics. This reporting allowed the company to downsize its fleet and actually surpass its previous delivery targets.

Most important of all, employee morale increased across the board – with a 20% boost in productivity and a measurable drop in the number of complaints, absences and accidents.

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