About LKQ Corporation

LKQ is a leading provider of aftermarket collision replacement parts, recycled OEM components and other refurbished automotive repair products. The company is currently listed on the NASDAQ (LKQX), with over 1,700 locations spread across 31 countries worldwide.

The Problem

LKQ operated a fleet of commercial trucks needing frequent repairs and maintenance. However, the turnaround time for servicing was very long – resulting in costly delays and unproductive downtime.

Even dropping off commercial vehicles for maintenance was inconvenient since the service center was far from LKQ’s main warehouses. The process required employees take time from their normal activities to manage drop-off and pick-up – often during standard business hours.

And So...

LKQ began exploring ways to make both scheduled and emergency maintenance less of a drain on the company’s time, budget and productivity.

The Solution

To help address these costly inefficiencies, LKQ turned to Pacific Solutions – a material handling and logistics firm whose large fleet of lube and service trucks specialize in field maintenance.

Pacific Solutions began to regularly dispatch technicians to LKQ for professional, on-site servicing of the client’s commercial vehicle fleet.

While designing LKQ’s maintenance schedule, Pacific Solutions also installed proprietary Fleet Management software. This innovative platform closely tracks every manufacturers’ recommended servicing requirements – down to each individual truck.

With a more consistent maintenance schedule, LKQ hoped its fleet would benefit from improved operational efficiencies and less overall downtime.

The Results

In just the first year alone, LKQ saved $68,000 thanks to significant reductions in vehicle maintenance costs. The company also saw a 25% boost in uptime, with fewer commercial vehicles out of commission fleet-wide.

As an added bonus, there were also fewer employee absences since on-site servicing eliminated the need for off-site drop-offs.

It Can Work For You Too!

Because our highly trained service technicians make house calls, you’ll be able to minimize downtime, reduce operational expenses, and extract the greatest possible value from your commercial vehicle fleet.

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