About EZ 2 Build Express

EZ 2 Build Express is a logistics company with operations in California, Oregon and Washington. The organization provides logistical services for many Fortune 500 companies, so it’s imperative their commercial trucks are reliable and efficient to provide the level of service their customers demand.

If their trucks are down — due to repairs or maintenance — the loss in productivity can halt operations and cost revenue.

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The Problem

  • EZ 2 Build Express was dealing with increased downtime on their commercial trucks, which affected the services they provide to their customers
  • The problems were due to regeneration and high cost of maintenance


  • They didn’t know what to replace their commercial trucks with. Many options were available for consideration, but the new choices had to ensure high uptime — a priority for the business

The Solution

  • PMHSI recommended Mitsubishi Fuso’s new gasoline engine with Allison transmission
  • These trucks were best suited for EZ 2 Build Express’ logistical operations

The Results

  • The GM gasoline engine eliminated the regeneration problems that lead to downtime and high maintenance costs
  • The Allison transmission, with its computer matched to the GM gasoline engine, increased fuel mileage
  • Overall, EZ 2 Build Express reduced their operating costs by $58,000 a year while increasing their deliveries by 9%, as a result of greater productivity with the Mitsubishi Fuso Gas compared to the Isuzu diesel 

It Can Work For You Too!

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