About Titan Frozen Fruit

Titan Frozen Fruit is a strawberry processor, with operations in Salinas and Santa Maria, California. Its operations include multiple shifts requiring forklifts to run longer-than-average hours. 

As a result, their material-handling fleet needs to be efficient and powerful so it can match the extensive operational schedule. 

The Problem

  • Titan had transitioned to using electric forklifts from LPG due to concerns for their employees having to inhale exhaust fumes
  • When combining the longer run times with electric forklifts, battery performance was critical to meeting their productivity goals


  • Due to their high hours of operation, Titan was utilizing 2 conventional batteries per forklift
  • Using 2 batteries meant charging 1 battery while utilizing the other in the forklift, and changing the batteries at least once a day
  • Battery exchanging, charging and watering reduced their productivity and increased the risk of accidents — which lead to Workers’ Compensation claims, higher costs and additional hiring and training expenses

The Solution

  • After a thorough analysis, PMHSI recommended replacing the conventional batteries with lithium batteries and charges 
  • Lithium batteries require no watering and no extra batteries to change in and out
  • Recharging the batteries could be easily done during breaks and lunch hours
  • This short time to recharge provides 100% utilization of the equipment

The Result

  • Thanks to this new lithium battery solution, Titan increased warehouse productivity by 20% 
  • They also required one less forklift and operator, saving the company $126,000 annually 
  • Titan could also ensure a better safety environment for their warehouse team, reducing their Workers’ Compensation claims exposure by 100% 

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