About San Francisco Specialty

San Francisco Speciality is a wholesale distributor of fresh produce, meat, and high-end ingredients, with operations in East Bay and Los Angeles.

In business for over 30 years, their customers include restaurants and professional chefs.

Response time and uptime are critical aspects of their business. If their equipment is down and trucks cannot be loaded, they cannot make their deliveries to customers. Not only does this affect their productivity — it affects their reputation with their customers.

The Problem

  • They were experiencing slow repair response and slow service quote follow-ups from their current vendor.
  • As a result, they were dealing with increasing periods of downtime, a loss of productivity, and high maintenance costs.


  • Their current vendor didn’t have the infrastructure or technology in place in order to provide them with the customer service or information they required
  • The vendor couldn’t tell when technicians were on the way, how much downtime San Francisco Specialty was experiencing, or the status of their repair orders

The Solution

  • With our Pacific Fleet Management program, we were able to provide them with full visibility into their repairs and servicing with real-time updates
  • We used the Response Time Downtime report to show them the status of their equipment
  • We also measured unit cost to understand which pieces of equipment were costing the company too much money and needed to be replaced
  • We tracked equipment utilization to understand the hours of usage on each vehicle, and advised them on how to get the best utilization on their vehicles. We moved vehicles with high hours to less busy routes and vice versa
  • Through our Parts Consumption report, were monitored the usage and replacement of specific parts. We were able to track which parts were still covered under warranty and save the company those expenses — which is something no one else can track

The Result

  • By monitoring the key metrics of their fleet, we were able to improve their service response time and quote follow-up considerably
  • Our platform integrates our service group, technicians, parts group, and factory engineering group with our customers, so they always have a comprehensive view of their fleet and service status
  • Not only did we save San Francisco Specialty time, they were able to save $24,000 in equipment maintenance costs annually compared to the year before

It Can Work For You Too!

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