About Golden State Lumber

Golden State Lumber opened in 1954 and is now the premier Northern California supplier of building materials. Operating in 11 locations, they provide their clients with the materials and technology to work smarter, faster and under budget. 

In order to serve their customers to the level they require, they need a reliable forklift fleet. 

The Problem

  • Their existing forklift fleet was hindering their productivity levels and no longer up to standard
  • Golden State Lumber felt they could achieve a lot more with a better brand or updated model 
  • They were worried about the satisfaction of their own customers and that their current forklifts were not doing the job their customers paid for 


They needed to analyze how productive their current fleet actually was and find a suitable upgrade to replace their machinery with. 

The Solution 

After a thorough analysis, Pacific Solutions provided them with the Hyundai 80D forklift. 

The Hyundai 80D forklift is fully enclosed with air conditioning for hot summer workdays and also has a heater that enables optimum productivity in the winter months. 

This forklift model also comes with Bluetooth installed, which allows the operator to take dispatch calls while loading trucks with orders. This not only saves time between jobs, but also helps keep the entire warehouse connected and communicating effectively.

The Result

Golden State Lumber saw an annual increase in production of $25,000 from the new forklift fleet rollout. 

Not only has the new fleet helped the workforce be more productive, but the feedback from customers using the company’s services has also improved significantly.

Testimonial: “Pacific Solutions is a very responsive organization. My sale rep stays in contact monthly to share industry insights, changes and our fleet performance. Pacific emails me daily with equipment status reports which I find very informative. Their communication is outstanding!”

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