About Save Mart

Save Mart is the largest privately owned grocery store chain in Northern California and Northern Nevada operating 208 stores and 2 distribution centers.

Save Mart operates stores under the names of Save Mart, S-Mart Foods, Lucky and FoodMaxx.

With so many locations and more than 1,000 pieces of material handling equipment in their fleet, Save Mart needed a centralized way to manage their large fleet over a vast number of stores. Save Mart implemented a centralized fleet management application with a service request portal. The application set up a process where their stores logged a service request which then was electrically sent to their service provider. Save Mart has more than 80 service providers who utilize the application. By tracking service requests and time the requests stayed open, Save Mart was able to manage repairs and evaluate the service provider’s abilities.

The Problem

Service provider’s response time and urgency to put equipment back into service became very visible. In some cases, service providers had 50 to 60 open work orders aging well past 30 days. This lead to a better understanding of who are quality service providers and identification of aging equipment which additionally were leading to lower productivity.

The Solution

We utilized our Response Time/Down Time report to manage and service requests and assigned a fleet manager to monitor and manage all service requests through our five operations centers which provide Save Mart with service. Because of our electronic service platform network our service planners, fleet managers, technicians, parts analysis and factory engineers are able to communication with each other and the customer electronically. This provides Save Mart with information faster to make more informed decisions and has led to a reduction in open service requests of 75%.

The Result

By tracking service requests, response time and downtime and utilizing our electronic service platform network, we have been able to increase Save Mart’s productivity 75% throughout the stores we provide service for.

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