Forklift Operator Training

Why Forklift Operator Training?

Forklifts are some of the most powerful, versatile, and useful tools within material handling. But only if your teams know how to use this equipment correctly:

  • In the right hands, forklifts can dramatically boost throughput, allowing your shipping and delivery teams to move more inventory, increase their productivity, and generate larger profits.
  • In the wrong hands, however, forklifts can be incredibly dangerous – posing serious safety risks to everyone in your facility. Improper usage can also increase the chances of litigation, OSHA violations, and forfeit certifications.

This is why we’ve partnered with a material handling veteran and professional instructor to offer premium forklift operator training.

Benefits of PMHSI’s Forklift Operator Training

Having knowledgeable forklift operators on your staff delivers a number of important benefits, including:

  • Reduced injuries and safety hazards at your facility
  • Increased productivity and throughput
  • Less damaged the forklift and inventory
  • Reduced liability exposure and fewer legal headaches
  • Easier compliance with OSHA and CAL/OSHA regulations in Section 3650

The program includes handouts, view safety video, written review, Operator I.D. card, Hands on Operator Evaluation that meets Minimum Safety Standards.

PMHSI’s Forklift Operator Train the Trainer at a Glance

When you sign your staff up for PMHSI’s forklift Train The Trainer program, they’ll receive:

  • Detailed instruction from a qualified, certified professional
  • In-depth learning materials and resources
  • Forklift safety videos
  • Operator training ID cards
  • Coverage on all forklift classes (I thru V)
  • Hands-on evaluations and assessments

Our forklift Train the Trainer Program is spread over 2 days of intensive training.

Day 1 of this course focuses on:

  • How to be a trainer
  • Organizing A training program, presentation, group control and much more
  • Federal OSHA rules and regulations
  • State-level CAL/OSHA rules and regulations (for California)

In addition, attendees learn about forklift inspections – including top-to-bottom Inspection of the forks, chains, LPG tanks and batteries. They’ll also learn how to properly use and inspect these components.

On Day 2 of the forklift operator training course, participants focus on safety guidelines, including forklift stability and correction. A portion of the second day is also dedicated to “driver evaluation,” so that your teams can assess their own capabilities – and those of other drivers. This evaluation training also enables your certified forklift operators to provide on-site instruction once they return to your facility.

In addition, your Company will also a receive flash drives with all the training material – inclusive of handouts, videos, audio, and notes.

Upon the successful completion of all modules, participants receive forklift operator certificates.

Signing up for PMHSI’s Forklift Operator Training Courses

If you’d like to learn more about PMHSI’s 2-day intensive Forklift Train the Trainer Program or our Forklift Operator training class, contact us today for a free consultation. We provide on-site training to save you the travel time expense and use the exact forklifts your drivers will be using on a daily basis. We also host classes at two of our main campuses if that help fills your needs.

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