Commercial Truck Maintenance

In California, the vast majority of commercial vehicle fleets are leased instead of bought outright. Doing so can dramatically reduce your long-term operational expenses. In fact, those who choose to lease their commercial vehicles often discover that fleet maintenance becomes the single, largest overhead cost (after fuel).

However, fleet sizes, operational budgets, and delivery schedules can all evolve over time. And this makes it increasingly difficult to manage variable costs like ongoing maintenance.

A More Affordable Approach to Leasing and Maintenance?

As a member of NationaLease, PCTS is the only commercial leasing and maintenance program that offers fixed monthly pricing. This approach completely removes any guesswork since the rate you pay remains consistent. No matter how large your fleet grows, you’ll always know precisely how much it will cost to service and maintain your vehicles next month, next year, or even 5 years into the future.

This predictability allows you to make better-informed decisions when it comes to budgeting and strategic planning. And as a result of this improved forecasting, you’ll also be able to:

  • Extract much greater value from your fleet.
  • Reduce many of your operational costs.
  • Generate higher overall profits.
  • Remain far more competitive.

To learn more about PCTS’s exclusive monthly pricing for commercial vehicle leasing and maintenance, contact us today for a free consultation. We’ll help you customize a solution that improves your bottom line and makes your commercial fleet much easier to manage

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