Commercial Truck Leasing and Rentals

Purchasing new commercial vehicles for your fleet is a huge expense. And very few fleet managers have the upfront cash to cover such costs.

Worse still, it’s very difficult to scale your fleet as your requirements evolve over time:

  • What happens when your delivery and scheduling needs suddenly shrink? You’re stuck with slack, unproductive capacity. And you’ll end up wasting valuable resources.
  • What if demand for your services suddenly spikes? You might not have the bandwidth to easily meet those new needs. And you’ll potentially lose business.

A Better Approach to Fleet Management?

Because of the numerous costs involved with fleet ownership, most businesses prefer to rent or lease their commercial vehicles. Doing so offers much greater scalability and flexibility.

But even this approach can be challenging:

  • Is it better to use long-term or short-term contracts?
  • Are your leasing agreements on balance sheet or off?
  • Does the arrangement include maintenance and repairs?

As a NationaLease member, Pacific Commercial Truck Solutions is an expert at designing flexible leasing agreements – regardless of your budget, needs, or size. We accomplish this by carefully analyzing your immediate and long-term fleet requirements to help you reduce operational costs while simultaneously boosting your profits.

Our team of financing experts can advise you on many different leasing approaches, including:

  • Capital Leases
  • True / Tax Leases
  • Full Maintenance Leases
  • Long-term Rentals

We can even custom design leasing agreements from the ground up, complete with flexible rental terms, scheduled maintenance, and $0 upfront costs.

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