Pacific Rental & Leasing is a proud member of NationaLease – one of the oldest and largest commercial vehicle leasing networks in the country.

With a combined fleet of more than 155,000 tractors, trailers, and trucks nationwide, NationaLease offers unmatched coverage. And we’re the network’s leading commercial vehicle leasing representative within the Pacific West.

At Pacific Rental & Leasing, we’ve expanded on this strength by fusing superior technology with our extensive purchasing power. In addition, we help our clients choose the right commercial trucking equipment – regardless of each project’s size, scope, and schedule.

We can even customize commercial leasing agreements from the ground up to suit whatever unique requirements you have.

Additional Benefits of Our Partnership with NationaLease

Through our partnership with NationaLease, you have access to one of the largest full service truck leasing organizations in all of North America.

But the advantages don’t stop there. Additional benefits of this partnership include:

  • Unrivaled experience. Founded in 1944, NationaLease has been in the commercial vehicle leasing business for nearly 75 years. And in 2006, it merged with the fleet management arm of AmeriQuest.
  • NationaLease maintains 600+ facilities throughout Canada and the United States to offer unprecedented reach.
  • The NationaLease network is maintained by 150 flexible, member-owned businesses. As a result, you deal directly with decision-makers – instead of going through complicated approval processes.

Whether you’re looking for standard leasing contracts or a bespoke package, we’ve got you covered.

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