Commercial Truck BIT Inspections

Ensure your commercial trucks pass BIT inspection every time

We help you follow the latest safety regulations and maintenance schedules without wasting extra time and resources.

Managing a commercial fleet in California is a tough job. In addition to making sure your trucks are productive and on schedule, you also need to comply with the state’s mandatory Basic Inspection of Terminals (BIT) program. 

Not meeting the BIT requirements means that your vehicles may be taken out of service temporarily, which can cost your business a small fortune. 

Want to ensure your commercial trucks meet the government mandated safety regulations and maintenance schedules?

Download our BIT Inspection Checklist and make sure your fleet meets all the guidelines before they leave your warehouse.

Free BIT Inspection Checklist

Download our BIT Inspection Checklist and make sure your fleet meets all the guidelines before they leave your warehouse.
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Let us conduct BIT Inspections so you can focus on running your business

At PMHSI, we’re dedicated to ensuring your entire commercial fleet remains compliant under the latest BIT guidelines.

You’ve got a business to run and a warehouse to manage. Let us focus on BIT inspections so you can focus on the rest.

When PMHSI conducts the BIT inspections on your behalf, you get:

  • Peace of mind: We conduct complete bumper-to-bumper servicing, maintenance and reporting of your commercial trucks.
  • Long-standing expertise: Our journeymen technicians conduct any monthly, quarterly and annual BIT Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections you need.
  • Comprehensive service: In addition to the inspections, we offer the mandatory tracking and reporting required. Our system saves you additional time while providing the government agency with the details they need. 
  • Ease of use: Don’t worry about the paperwork. We generate all of the requisite forms with real-time backup for in-depth record keeping.

Did you know that the California Highway Patrol bases its BIT Inspection schedules on carrier performance data — not just predetermined timelines? 

That’s why it’s even more important to ensure your paperwork is in order and your guidelines are met.

Get in touch with us today to learn about how we can manage your BIT and DOT inspections.