Commercial Truck BIT Inspections

If you manage a commercial vehicle fleet of any size in California, you must comply with the state’s mandatory Basic Inspection of Terminals (BIT) program (formerly known as the Biennial Inspection of Terminals).

A time-consuming but necessary requirement, these inspections are there to ensure your vehicle fleet follows the latest safety regulations and maintenance schedules. Failure to conduct and successfully satisfy these inspections could result in your vehicles being temporarily taken out of service.

BIT Inspections with PCTS

At PCTS, we can conduct these regulatory BIT inspections entirely on your behalf, complete with bumper-to-bumper servicing, maintenance, and reporting. With our help, your entire commercial vehicle fleet will continue to remain compliant under the most up-to-date BIT guidelines.

In addition, our comprehensive inspection services include:

  • Qualified journeymen technicians for any monthly, quarterly, or annual BIT and Department of Transportation (DOT) inspections you require.
  • Mandatory fleet tracking and reporting. Our proprietary inspection system can handle such analyses automatically – without your having to actively manage your schedule. This is especially useful since the California Highway Patrol increasingly bases its BIT inspection schedules on carrier performance data instead of using predetermined timelines.
  • Our in-house system can even generate all of the requisite forms and paperwork, complete with real-time backups for more in-depth record-keeping.

For a more detailed overview of our approach to BIT inspections, be sure to download our free checklist here.

And to have PCTS help you manage all of your future BIT and DOT inspection requirements, schedule a free consultation with our team today.

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