PowerBoss Rider Scrubber Nautilus

PowerBoss Rider Scrubber Nautilus

The PowerBoss Nautilus sweeper-scrubber is an easy to use, professional cleaning machine.

  • Quick Scrub: With one quick switch, the operator can turn on and off all functions
  • Pro Scrub: Long scrub time before draining and refilling
  • Quick Load Hopper: Easy Roll Casters allow for easy moving
  • Quick View Squeegee: Tilitng squeegee allows for easy inspection, clog inspection, and adjustments
  • Optional Edge Scrub: Allows for cleaning close to walls and rack rows
  • Stainless Steel: Made to last

Model Specifications

(for a full spec sheet, visit the downloads tab above)

95" x 55" x 60.5"
Dirt Hopper Volume
Auxiliary Power
Drive Speed
Sweep Path
45” (60" with optional side scrub brush)
Main Broom
Side Broom
36 Months/2,000 Hours
Lift Capacity
Lift Time
Max Forward Reach
Max Lift Height
Platform Capacity
Platform Height
Turning Radius

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