PowerBoss Walk Behind Sweeper Collector 34

PowerBoss Walk Behind Sweeper Collector 34

The PowerBoss Collector 34 walk behind sweeper has a high sweeping performance and capacity.

  • 100% hopper capacity
  • Large side broom to help with corners
  • Dust filter with aggressive filter shaker
  • Large debris flap
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Self propelled traction drive system
  • Parking brake with auto release when starting
  • Quiet gas engine

Model Specifications

(for a full spec sheet, visit the downloads tab above)

43.31" x 33.46" x 28.15"
Dirt Hopper Volume
1.77 cu ft
Auxiliary Power
Drive Speed
Sweep Path
Main Broom
Side Broom
4.4 HP (Maintenance Free)
Lift Capacity
Lift Time
Max Forward Reach
Max Lift Height
Platform Capacity
Platform Height
(2) 12V
Turning Radius

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