Tuesday, May 14, 2019

When you’re busy ensuring your warehouse operations are running smoothly, you don’t have time to create and analyze reports. After all, the administrative work behind data gathering and analysis takes time, which —  let’s face it — you don’t have a lot of.

If you don’t have any data that tells you how your fleet is operating, are you able to make informed decisions about your equipment?

Do some of your vehicles need to be retired? Are you overusing some pieces of equipment and not using others enough? Which vehicles are costing you an arm and a leg in repair costs each year? Is your fleet increasing downtime for your operations because they aren’t being repaired fast enough?

Imagine all that money just going down the drain. Can you afford it?

We get it — reporting isn’t usually a priority for many organizations, simply because they don’t have the time and resources. On top of your long daily to-do list, it’s difficult to fit in gathering data on your fleet and understanding how it affects your bottom line.

Plus, your service provider may not have the infrastructure to provide you with the full visibility you need to see how your fleet is doing.

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions:

  • Are you wasting tens of thousands of dollars on your fleet that can be reallocated to improve other areas of your business?
  • Are you making unnecessary or repeat repairs on your vehicles?
  • Do you have the insight to discover underlying issues in your fleet before they snowball into larger issues?
  • How can you reduce vehicle downtime and resolve it faster when it does occur?

You’re not alone.

Our clients have told us they were in the same position before working with PMHSI. They were strapped for time, their fleet was suffering and their downtime was increasing.

Get Peace of Mind with Intelligent Reporting

With more than a decade in the fleet management industry, we’ve learned first hand that organizations can’t make important decisions about their fleet without having the data to back it up.

Instead of making decisions on a whim — which can result in high costs — it’s important to base any important actions on metrics that show you how each vehicle in your fleet is doing.

When you’ve got the right data in front of you, deciding which vehicles to repair or which vehicles to replace becomes much easier — and much more accurate.

And when your fleet is running smoothly, so is your business. You reduce downtime, increase productivity and grow your bottom line.

Learn the KPIs that Drive Change — and Improve Your Bottom Line

There are so many metrics you could track that are related to your fleet, but only 5 key performance indicators will tell you what you really need to know.

We built our reporting system on years of experience and research into what affects the way vehicles operate — and how that all affects warehouse operations.

Using these 5 key metrics, we’ve been able to save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in fleet management costs.

Imagine how your business can benefit by having better insight into your fleet — so you can make the right decisions to affect positive change in your organization.

These are just some of the benefits our customers see when we track these 5 key metrics for their fleet:

  • Less downtime: Our clients are able to ensure their vehicles are up and running much faster than ever before, reducing overall downtime for their fleet.
  • Faster response to issues: Stop waiting weeks or months to have your vehicle repaired. Our clients receive quick and diligent responses to any issues with their fleet.
  • More accurate decisions: By having concrete data readily available, our clients are able to make quick decisions that are always on point.
  • Reduced costs: There is no need to make unnecessary or repeat repairs when you have clear metrics that show which vehicles are costing you the most money.
  • Increased productivity: Our clients’ fleets are running smoothly all day long, so their warehouse productivity is at an all-time high.
  • No unnecessary parts: Our reports help our clients to make informed, data-driven decisions about which parts to purchase for their fleet.
  • Quick diagnostics: Our clients are able to identify underlying issues with their vehicles before they turn into massive problems.

We want our clients to make the best financial decisions for their fleet — and their company. Helping you improve your overall ROI is important to us. It’s how we measure our own success.

5 Fleet Management Metrics You Need to Track

Are you ready to stop making decisions without the data to inform your choices? It’s time to start tracking the 5 key performance metrics that will truly change the way you operate your fleet and your warehouse.

When you have full visibility into your fleet, you’ll be able to reduce downtime, lower repair costs, increase productivity — and improve your business.

Reporting is just one part of the PMHSI fleet management offering. Not only do we track the 5 essential metrics you need to know about your fleet, we also look at your history and your service. Plus, we break down what the data means, so you know exactly what to do next.

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