5 Tips for Buying a Used Forklift

For some businesses, it’s wiser to invest in a used forklift, enabling them to meet requirements while staying within budget. However, buying used material handling equipment comes with some risks all businesses should be aware of.

Planning on Buying a Forklift in 2020? Follow These 6 Tips

Is a new or used forklift in the cards for your business in 2020? Your material handling equipment will be an integral part of your operation for many years to come, so plan carefully.

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If you’re actively searching for a new material handling vehicle to replace an older one in your fleet, make sure you have all the info before you make your purchase. If you replace a vehicle too early, you risk lowering your ROI.

How fleet management service tracking can save you time and keep operations on schedule

When you’re looking after warehouse operations, your day is a busy one. Schedules are tight and carefully orchestrated, and there is little room for leeway.